About Aveiro

Aveiro Aveiro is a city water and light, also known as the “Venice of Portugal”. It is the capital of the district located in the Central and Lower Vouga área of Portugal with approximately 70,000 inhabitants.

Aveiro Aveiro, a very industrialized city already is a major urban center with a university, ports, railways and tourism.

Aveiro Aveiro, divided by the central channel of the “Ria”, is regarded as the capital of Nouveau Art architecture.

Aveiro Aveiro, famous for its gastronomy with strong links to the sea (cod, Pitau sauce streak, fish stew), the Ria (stew of eel, fried eel or marinating) and the mountains and plains (piglet Bairrada, chanfana, kid roast veal), through traditional sweets (“ovos moles” e “tripas doces”).

Aveiro Aveiro, a medium-sized city, has greatly developed in recente years combining modernity and tradition. Aveiro, a city to discover. A great city to discover. Visite us!